Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Nite review and photos

Batman shattered box-office record...and what a night it was for the 93 people who joined the UMAA movie night.

Everyone was punctual in collecting their tickets at GSC Pavillion before 9.30pm. Excitement was abuzz as everyone was in jovial note, networking with fellow alumni and friends.

Hmmm....where's my free gift arr??? Bag only meh??

Busy busy at registration table...still got time to pose ??? starting la..quick la..

Hands full of popcorn, coke and UMAA mystery gift...everyone headed into the GSC 2 hall for the long awaited Batman The Dark Knight to begin at 10pm.

It was worth the wait indeed..such a twisted storyline..with the psychotic Joker's surprising moves..and the melodramatic Batman..and the charmingly handsome Bruce Wayne...viewers were kept entertained til the end of the show at 12.30pm.

Thumbs up for Batman ;) Definitely movie of the year!

Another successful event by UMAA Malaysia..yay!!

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